Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Update: Life and Stuff

So I've neglected the Blog for a long time and came back to see people had actually read... and even responded to some of my posts. If you are one of those people who asked a question and are reading this I sincerely apologize and promise to do better in the future. Things have been hectic in school and I now am a student at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology department through Kansas State University's Salina campus. This is a huge stress reliever as I don't have to take the high level math classes and instead of electron theory I have the ability to do more applied classes which I get to build cool stuff. So going over the notable things since then I think I should start with the most exciting news.

About a month ago I came across publication for an auction site that was selling the estate of an electronics hobbyist that passed away. I am fairly familiar with this auction house as I have bought other electronics surplus stuff from them but this was hinted to as an estate auction and mixed in with a bunch of industrial equipment so most of the other bidders where not informed on what was available. In fact the only guy that was bidding against me was buying for scrap metal.

My big purchase was something that I have been wanting to buy for a crazy long time. A metal mill, and a CNC conversion at that. Grizzly G4007 8"x20" mill with full ball screw anti backlash conversion, gecko G540 drivers running rotary encoded servo motors. Pretty primo for a conversion.


The main controller is rather outdated and does not have proper Mach3 plugins so I think I will be getting a KFlop USB CNC Controller, it has 8 axis support and all I need it 4 (thinking about adding a rotary "lathe" axis) and I didnt really want to pay for the extra but it seems to be one of the best supported options.

Along with that I purchased a HUGE amount of electronics, a real robot and CNC builder's dream at pennies on the dollar. I'm hoping to sell a good portion of it and use the profit to pay off the rest of the mill (I'm lucky enough to apply for the parental loan system).

I feel like I should throw in the disclaimer that although my family owns a small business we are not rich by any means, I am 21 and for example I drive a 99 civic (NOT riced out) that I have had for the last 6 years and pay for my own gas. I am in college and pay my own bills and take out as many student loans as I can get and then pay the rest forward. I also pay for everything you will see on the blog. Out at school I make $7.50/hr at a pet store. Not poor by any means but not rich. *Sigh

Anyway I will put a post up shortly outlying all of the stuff I have for sale and other cool stuff I found, I've been selling stuff for roughly 50% off the cheapest it can be found anywhere retail unless it is stuff I think I can use for my own projects.

Time to go to work so I can pay for that KFlop :)


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