Wednesday, May 4, 2011

E-Bike Driver

Here's the main control board that runs the E-bike. It is a 555 based pulse width modulation circuit that uses 3 IRF540Z power MOSFETs for solid state switching. Total current rating is probably around 50A if the heatsink is well ventilated. That's 50A continuous. Most of the operation that it takes is about 3 minutes at a times of around 20A although I have an almost identical second motor that I plan on mounting as a secondary this summer so double the power for acceleration but a secondary power switch that can disconnect it for more efficient riding as 16AWG wire likely does not like 40A of current, in fact it only likes up to 22A in open air, only time will tell. Motor first, bigger wire later.

 Plug on right goes to a 25K variable resistor for variable duty cycle on the 555 PWM circuit. Lower left goes through a switch and then to 24V DC lead acid array. Upper wire goes to the motor.
I'll see if I can get it running tomorrow and throw up some video.